domaine de pascati:

Modernism and Respect for the Environment

Domaine de Pascati is an agricultural property of 140 hectares, located near Saint-Tropez, two minutes away from the warm breeze of the Mediterranean.

This wonderful Domaine with its history going back to 1940s, has risen in 2012 due to the efforts of a wine connoisseur who currently shares his passion with the world by creating organic wines from the grapes grown in the Domaine de Pascati.

The vineyard is full of noble grape varieties, such as Syrah and Grenache. All of the methods used in the vineyard are officially verified to be organic.

Domaine de Pascati is inspired by the spirit of perfection and has already given a new birth to a unique taste of Provence.

Pascati'S excellence wine in provence.

Diamant ROSé.

The 80% Grenache and 20% Syrah blend create the amazing medium-bodied taste of Diamant Rosé. Syrah adds structure and tannin to the wine, while Grenache adds body and vibrant fruit notes.

The flavors lean on the fruity side, where you can expect notes of white peach and lychee. Diamant Rosé offers a lovely range of fruity aroma, adding freshness at the same time.

This is a gourmet wine with a delicate saline taste and light earthy odors which represent the unforgettable ambience of the Mediterranean Sea and Provence. It has a long-lasting taste, that can be a great addition to any meal.

panthère rosé.

Made of dark-skinned red grape variety, 92% Grenache and 8% Syrah, Panthère is a great addition to any event or dinner. One sip of this wine may take you to southeastern France, Provence to feel the taste of the terroir.

Panthère is flamboyant and fruit-driven. It makes you feel the light notes of apricot, grapefruit, and flowers. This Cuvee has a nice length, and the mouthfeel is velvety and smooth.

Panthère Rosé is complex, elegant, and balanced. The Mediterranean salads, seafood, fish, and soft cheese plate are a perfect match with a glass of Panthère Rosé. It is the best wine for capturing the happiest moments.

Panthère noire red

Elegance, romance, and luxury – this red wine is always associated with these words. This limited-edition wine, composed of 95% Syrah and 5% Grenache is another gem in the Domaine de Pascati wine cellar.

The delightful dark black color, the intense smell, and taste make Panthère Noire extraordinary. The blackberries, blackcurrants, cassis, licorice, and pepper are expressed and felt in each sip of this wine.

The tasting of this ‘chef-d’oeuvre’ inspires you to get engaged in the meaningful conversation, think about life, and plan the future. The finest wine for any connoisseur’s cellar.

Prestige remains In Your Bottle.

signature rosé

The Signature Rosé is an exceptional wine kept in our vault. It is a limited edition, produced annually only 700 standard bottles and 100 magnums and all of them have individual numbers.

This wine has been aged in the French oak barrels and composed of 75% Syrah and 25% Grenache. The elegant and creamy quality of the Signature Rosé is largely due to the silky tannins.

The taste of the Signature Rosé is airy and comfortably warm with some vanilla notes. The gingerbread and toasted aroma of the wine, its magnificent pink color with purple highlights makes the Signature Rosé more charming.

The Signature Rosé is a great complement to any luxurious parties, family gatherings, and business meetings. This masterpiece makes any evening never-to-be-forgotten.